Olivia de Havilland 1952 “Candida” Program from Tulsa, OK

Last week while taking a lunch break, I visited one of the many local antique stores of Northwest Arkansas.  While I was looking for a new coffee table and something interesting to hang on my apartment walls.  I stumbled upon this treasure, A 1952 program from Olivia’s performance in “Candida” in Tulsa, Oklahoma!  I was ecstatic to find this unique treasure from Olivia’s stage career.

Front Cover of 1952 “Candida” program from Tulsa, Oklahoma starring Olivia de Havilland

I have especially enjoyed looking through this program.  It came with a package of programs, but, by far has the most advertisements of all of the programs.  So, I photographed it to share this fun vintage piece with other interested fans.

1952 “Candida” Program of Tulsa, OK – Theater Credits on Page 2

1952 “Candida” Program Pages 2-3

1952 “Candida” Program pages 4-5

1952 “Candida” program from Tulsa, OK – Pages 6-7

1952 “Candida” Program of Tulsa, OK – Page 8 Back Cover

The programs came as part of a package of programs from Tulsa, Oklahoma from the 1950s and 1960s. Below is a photo of all of the programs that came together. This is such a great find and I’m thrilled to now have this Olivia program as part of my collection!

Theater programs of Tulsa, Oklahoma from the 1950s and 1960s including 1952 production of Olivia de Havilland in “Candida”


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